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  • SAP Business Intelligence Software Is On The Rise

    Medium to large size businesses and companies have most probably heard of Business Intelligence, but they often do not know what it is really for and how it can help them.

    First, let’s get into the basics; Business Intelligence (BI) is a term used to describe software that is used to help companies and businesses understand the data they collect within their own business.

    How does this software help? In simple terms using these tools is like having business analysts, marketing experts, economists, and IT experts all rolled up into a single software solution.

    The Benefit of SAP BI

    Generally, businesses make use of this technology to help them with improvements with decision-making, cost efficiency and probabilities on business venture opportunities. Imagine this; you hold gigabytes of information related to your business performance but can never find the data you require fast enough to help with your decision-making.

  • What Is SAP


    SAP is the global market leader in enterprise applications software. The full name of the company stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing, and with more than 176,000 customers over 50 countries worldwide, SAP has a clear company mission to:

    ‘… help companies of all sizes and industries to run better. Our vision is to help the world run better’ (SAP.com).

    SAP offers many software solutions, including analytical applications, financial management, human resource management and supply chain management. These solutions are across a wide range of industries including defence, mining, retail and logistics.