Learn SAP BW BEx Reporting: Step by Step Guide To Master The SAP BW BEx Analyzer & Query Designer

Need to learn how to create SAP BEx report? Want to master OLAP reporting in MS Excel?

This visual and easy-to-read guide will get you started running and creating your first BW BEx Reports in minutes - Even if you have NEVER used the BEx Analyzer before!

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This book is a complete BEx Analyzer & Query
Designer Training Course - in one

  • Easy To Understand & Master

    Written in the “How-To” style this book will allow anybody to follow along and run and create BEx reports from scratch. Each chapter builds on the last so that you easily learn many of the different aspects of SAP BW BEx Reporting.

  • Learn How To Create Custom Templates

    Creating reusable query elements is the key to super fast report creation. You will learn how to create structures that can be used by any other report. Create your own CKF, RKF and implement your own cross query data selection options that can be used system wide.

  • Complete A-Z With Examples

    Every element of the SAP BW BEx Analyzer and Query Designer is covered in this book. Learn how to analyze your data using popular functions like drill-down / drill-across, filter, sort, sub-total and more. Understand all the different options for every reporting option.


10 Easy To Read Chapters

  • 254 Page PDF Book. Everything needed to learn how to run and create your own BW reports.
  • Lots of Examples. Follow along with the example reports to see how BEx works.
  • Anyone Can Learn. Each chapter is written in easy to understand English making learning BEx reporting simple.
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I have taken the online course and bought the book. The quality is very good. The practical step by step approach helps a lot in understanding BEx reporting which in turns helps in applying this knowledge on the job.

Great lectures peter!!

Thanks again

Arshiya Sultana, BW Consultant

I'm on my second read through of this book. My only previous experience of writing queries and reports was on a large MS Access Database.

This is another platform, but I can see how the examples would work. This has brought many techniques back to me. Very useful.

Ken Jones, Amazon Buyer

The SAP BEx Analyzer And Query Designer - The Complete Guide is really Excellent book. Thanks Peter.

It cover process steps very clearly...

Also Design steps too!

Devendra, Amazon Buyer
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