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Focus On SAP ABAP Articles And Training

  • SAP ABAP Select-Option Fields LOW-HIGH

    Today I am going to answer a question from one of the students in the SAP ABAP Beginners course: Hi , I am little bit not sure about how low and high field work here . when we can set the max or min value that we want to include or exclude in our report […]

  • What Is The Purpose Of An Internal Table In ABAP

    Today I am going to answer the question of What Is The Purpose Of An Internal Table. In the ABAP Beginners course I do go through internal tables and show you how to create them and different types of internal tables we can create, but to answer this question of “What is the purpose of […]

  • What is the importance of Key Fields and Foreign Key in SAP

    What is the importance of Key Fields and Foreign Key in SAP? This was a question asked by one of my SAP ABAP course students so I recorded this video to answer the question and share with everyone. Click here to join the email list and get notified of new updates.

  • How To Modify Data In A SAP Database Table Using ABAP

    Authorisations When writing programs using open SQL, one has to bear in mind the concepts of authorisation in an SAP system. An SAP system has its own security tools to ensure that users can only access data which they are authorised to see. This includes individual fields as well as individual records. The way authorisations […]

  • Examples Of Working With Other ABAP Data Types

    In this article we will look at some other data types which can be used in ABAP. In previous articles we have seen that numeric fields have been used for performing calculations along with examining character strings and seeing ways these can be used in calculations within ABAP statements too. Now, lets have a look […]