SAP BW BEx Analyzer Course

This in-depth SAP BW BEx training course will teach you how to master the BEx Analyzer and Query Designer tools

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Master SAP reporting with the SAP BW BEx Analyzer & Query Designer.This training course will turn you into an SAP reporting expert.

Course Overview

After you have completed this course you will be able to create unlimited SAP reports, create and use both simple and complex query definitions using the BEx Query Designer and create full Microsoft Excel Workbook Analysis Applications.

You will learn all the fundamental and advanced skills needed to understand how SAP BW BEx Reporting works and how they are created. You will become a real reporting Power-User. Here are just some of the topics you will learn and master:

  • BEx Query Designer
  • Accessing InfoProviders
  • Creating Custom Templates
  • Defining Jump Targets
  • Build Analysis Application
  • Integrate Exception & Conditional reporting techniques
  • Embed multiple reports into your Workbooks
  • Learn to build new reports in less than 2 minutes!
  • Plus much much more

The full SAP BW BEx Analyzer training video course is delivered through the STHQ Academy e-learning portal

Course Contents

» Over 11 Hours of Video «

Section 1 - Getting the most out of the SAP BW BEx Analyzer

  • SAP BEx Analyzer Course – Introduction
  • Starting The BEx Analyzer
  • Running Queries In The BEx Analyzer
  • The BEx Analyzer Default Query Output
  • The Functions of the BEx Analyzer Toolbar
  • BEx Analyzer Data Analysis Functions – Part 1 – Filters and Navigation options
  • BEx Analyzer Data Analysis Functions – Part 2 – More Filters
  • BEx Analyzer Data Analysis Functions – Part 3 Characteristic & Query Properties
  • Saving BEx Workbooks and Query Views

Section 2 - Creating Queries using the SAP BEx Query Designer

  • Overview of the SAP BW Reporting tools landscape
  • Starting the BEx Query Designer And Screen Layout
  • BEx Query Designer Menus and Toolbar
  • Creating our first BEx query
  • Enhance our first BEx query
  • Defining filters for our BEx query
  • Compress and Expand Key Figures and Hierarchies

Section 3 - Building Dynamic Selections into BEx Queries

  • Dynamic Filters
  • OLAP Variables
  • Hierarchy Variables
  • Hierarchy Node Variables
  • Replacement path variables
  • Text Variables
  • Formula Variables
  • Authorisation Variables
  • SAP Exit Variables
  • Customer Exit Variables

Section 4 - Structuring our queries for re-use

  • Structures
  • Cell Definitions
  • Reusing Structures

Section 5 - Selections and Formulas

  • Selections and Formulas Overview
  • Selections
  • Formulas

Section 6 - Reusable Key Figures and Characteristics

  • Restricted Key Figures
  • Calculated Key Figures

Section 7 - Properties of BEx Query Objects

  • Characteristic Query Element Properties
  • Key Figure Query Element Properties
  • Query Element Properties

Section 8 - Advanced Query Options for Analyzing Data

  • Creating Conditions
  • Creating Exceptions
  • Report to Report Interfaces (RRI)

Section 9 - SAP BW BEx Analysis Applications

  • BEx Analysis Applications Introduction
  • Design Mode and the Analysis Grid
  • Navigation Pane
  • List of Filters
  • Add interactive Buttons
  • Drop-Down Boxes
  • Check-Box Groups
  • Radio Button Groups
  • Adding Conditions
  • Add Exceptions
  • Text Elements
  • BEx Messages
  • Workbook Settings

Section 10 - Final Project - Build a BEx Analysis Application

  • Part 1 – Introduction and Manager Report Setup
  • Part 2 – Employee Report Setup
  • Part 3 – Multi Report Filtering with DropDown Boxes
  • Part 4 – Add a Button, Refine and Position Elements of our BEx Reports
  • Part 5 – Adding Dynamic Charts

Section 11 - Course Wrap-Up

  • Course Complete and THANKYOU