SAP System Setup Training Course
Reveals How To Setup A Free SAP Developer System.
Learn SAP & Practice For Certification. Developer Tips Included:


It’s all about bringing the knowledge and skills required to be an SAP Consultant to anyone who wants to consider working with SAP software for a living.

SAP is the number one leading Big-Company software solution throughout the world. As such, it is the desired technology of choice for many want-to-be /existing professionals and has been for years, but still many thousands of people haven’t been able to take that first step into the world of SAP because the training available either isn’t readily accessible or because it is priced out of reach.  Our company was founded by Pete Moxon and his goal is to break down the training barrier and show everyone with an interest — how to actually make that jump.

We at saptraininghq have already been “mapping” the way and will be right there with you on the road to a successful SAP career.

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The Website & Newsletter Earnings Disclaimer

Pete has pledged to producing free and premium training content for as long as it is published.  However, you will see links to some awesome and very useful products and services.  Some of those will be affiliate links.  I get a few bucks for recommending something you may need for your SAP training and it won’t cost you any more by using my links.  That’s a win-win in corporate speak.
Lastly, I will advertise my own training products and services on this site and in the newsletter at some point.  I won’t swamp you with it and whatever I end up offering will have a killer guarantee and be totally awesome – that’s a promise.