Frequently asked questions


What is the best way to ask questions?

Send an email to By using email I can spend more time to answer your questions and may be make more videos to help answer your questions.

How can I get access to an SAP system?

Go to the SCN downloads page, then select the SAP Netweaver Main Release page –
From there you have various options depending on your own PC. The latest and greatest release for now is the ‘SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.03 SP04 64-bit Trial’ version but just make sure your system can cope (eg. Windows 7 Pro).

An alternative is to use a 3rd party IDES system. I will not make any recommendations as I have not used any of these systems but one company I have heard good things about is

I can not create programs, tables, data elements or domain on my SAP system. The system tells me I need to enter a developer key. What should I do?

Your system administrator should be able to provide you with a developer key. These keys are generated by the system admins and given to developers. They are both system & client specific.

If you download one of the trial systems from the SAP website, they already come with a development key so you should be able to start developing right away. If your developer key runs out, go to this website to request an new license key (free).