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  • How To Monitor Your Background Jobs With CCMS In SAP Systems

    As a Basis Consultant how many times have you been asked to monitor a job and warn somebody of its possible failure, or delays, and so on? Most probably, more than once! In my case, many times and on various occasions I have been asked to automate this very task. Some jobs can take a very long time and I do not enjoy watching the screen day and night time and time again. Well, at least not for job monitoring! So, what I have decided to write about today is the proposition of a quick and  simple solution for monitoring several jobs automatically.

    The Limitations Of This CCMS Monitoring Solution

    I mentioned monitoring several jobs, but there are limits to the solution I’m going to show you. My own experiments have showed that trying to monitor more than 100 jobs is not a good idea I will not work very well. You see, the major problem is that the Internal Dispatcher has to loop through many tasks including the job monitoring task within a 5 minute time period. So as long as your list of jobs is not too long and the loop can be achieved with the 5 minute time limit this solution should work just fine.

    Initial Configuration

    First of all, we need to select a job to be monitored and I’m not talking about a single report. Pick a real batch job; one that may contain several reports.

    For this example I will first call the transaction SE16 (You may know this one, don’t you?), and in the table name field, just type ALBTCMON. See screen below:

    SE16 Data Browser - Table ALBTCMON

    Next, press the “F5” key, or click on the Create Entries button.