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  • Re-Invigorating Your Work Life – Manufacturing Your Own Excitement

    Think about your first few days or weeks at a new job. You’re surrounded by challenges at virtually every turn: there are new internal systems to learn, new people to interact with, and new tasks to conquer. Everything seems like a novelty, and the work is initially enjoyable. Then, time starts passing. You find yourself […]

  • Living in the Moment – Your Ambition Right Now

    It’s important to be ambitious. As a society, we are driven – in our jobs, we are constantly seeking new opportunities, new ways to increase our earning potential, and more challenging careers. Without this drive and ambition, we would stagnate. Economies would stop growing, wealth would dwindle, and we would lose our sense of purpose. […]

  • Respecting Authority

    Anyone who works has a boss. You might consider yourself “your own boss.” But, chances are, you know your customers are your real bosses. Or, you may actually have a manager in your company who is responsible for being your boss. Generally, even if you work for yourself, you are always working for someone else. […]

  • Everyday Victories For SAP Professionals

    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. With this quote, Aristotle describes something that many workers tend to forget. While natural talent accounts for some amount of success, “excellence” more often comes from hard work and discipline. When discussing success, we often think of long-term goals and […]

  • SAP Financials and Controlling – Financial Accounting Overview

    OVERVIEW Hello and welcome to this SAP Financials and Controlling (FICO) monster article. This article has been created for anyone who wants to understand Financials and Controlling. Specifically, this article targets the following audience: Graduates who have basic understanding of finance and financial terminology and want to learn FICO. SAP Consultants with technical knowledge of […]

  • Beginners Guide To SAP – Book Launched

    I have just released a new book – “BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO SAP” and I want you to have it for free. The book will be available to all Kindle readers on March 13th – 14th. Amazon usually go by Pacific Standard Time so keep this in mind when trying to get it. Here is a […]

  • The Best 7 SAP Training Courses – In One

    We have just released a new way for you to get access to all the courses we offer! Learning your way around SAP and getting access to affordable training just got a whole lot easier. For the month of March you can get access all of the premium SAP Training courses for 1 low price […]