How To Add Favorites To Your SAP Menu

Are you struggling to remember SAP transaction codes? Are you using too many clicks to drill down to the SAP transactions you frequently use? A super useful feature that many consultants and SAP users forget is: FAVORITES on the SAP menu.

Creating Favorites allow you to build your own SAP personalized menu. The transactions you use day in day out will be just a click away and named according to your preferences.

SAP Favourite Basics

You can manage your own SAP menu Favorites in 2 ways:

  1. The SAP menu bar:
    SAP Favourite Menu Bar
  2. Right click on the Favorites folder to access its context menu:SAP Favourite Context Menu

Using the Favorites menu on the SAP menu bar or the context menu of the Favorites folder, you can:

  1. Add/Edit/Delete your own Favorites menu path.
  2. Organize your transactions by creating folders.
  3. Rename the transactions.

Alternatively Use the short-cut icons highlighted below to add/edit/delete or change the place of the transactions in your favorites list.

SAP Favourites short cut icons

Steps to Create/Edit/Delete Favorites

Let’s demonstrate these functions through a practical example. We will go through the steps to Add, Edit and Delete a Sales Order from our Favorites folder.

Create Favorites

In the SAP menu, select the folder or transaction that you want to add to your favorites. Then simply drag and drop it onto the favorites folder or just press the corresponding short-cut icon clip_image004.

Example: Go through the SAP menu: Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> Order -> Select the Create option then add to the favorite folder by using clip_image004[1] icon.

SAP Favourites ADD Icon

The Folder or Transaction you choose will be copied to your Favorites folder.

SAP Favourites Folder

Alternatively you can add a Favorites Path by directly inserting the transaction code chosen from context menu of the Favorites folder or in the SAP menu bar.

Note that the menu item is not removed from the SAP menu but only copied to our Favorites menu.

Edit Favorites:

You can change the name of the menu path by highlight the path in the Favorites folder and choosing the short-cut icon clip_image010, then change the name of the transaction selected.

Edit SAP Favourites

Deleting Favorites

To Delete SAP favorites select the transaction path that you want to delete and press the Delete icon clip_image013.

Delete SAP Favorites

There is also the option of deleting all of the favorites in one single click from the context menu of the Favorites folder as shown in the screenshot below:

Delete All SAP Favorites

Note that all these functions can be accessible also through the SAP menu bar.

Add Folders to Favorites

It’s good practice to create Folders in Favorites especially if you’re working on several different areas of SAP. Creating Folders help you build a personalized menu suiting your own needs while keeping your transaction list organised.

How to Create SAP Folders For Your Favourites

From the context menu of the Favorites folder, choose Insert folder option as shown below

Insert SAP Favorites Folder

A ‘Create a Folder in the Favorite List’ pop up appears in which you insert the name of your folder and confirm by clicking on the Continue button.

SAP Create A Folder For Favorites

The folder should now appear in the Favorites menu. You can add as many transactions, folders and nested folders as you wish but remember to keep your menu as simple as possible since the whole goal of creating Favorites is to minimize the clicks you need to gain access to the intended transactions.

Add “Other Objects” to the Favorites folder

You are not just limited to adding SAP Transactions to your Favourites. You can add many other objects such as Web URL’s or external file short-cuts. To do this, from the context menu of the Favorites folder choose Add other objects.

Ad Other Objects to SAP Favorites

As an example, here we will choose to add a Web Address. We just need to enter a description and the website URL followed by the Continue button.

Add URL Objects to SAP Favorites

The URL and the description appear in the Favorites folder. If you click on the link, the browser with the correct page will open.

URL's in the SAP Favourites folder


The main purpose of creating Favorites is to make your most used transactions easily accessible, so make sure the folders and short-cuts you add are kept simple. Don’t make your own menu trees as complicated as the standard SAP delivered ones. Keep things simple.


About the Author:

Pete has been working with SAP technologies for over 10 years. He started out as an ABAP consultant and then moved on to BW where he has worked many different clients covering a wide variety of industries. "I love introducing SAP technology (especially BI) to new clients and showing them how they can go from zero to hero within their business in super fast time". Contact me on twitter @PeterMoxon