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  • The Opportunity in SAP Maintenance

    Setting up a new SAP system is often a fresh and exciting experience. Utilizing the ASAP methodology, consultants and their companies can get up and running smoothly and efficiently, mapping each company’s processes to corresponding functions in SAP and tweaking and customizing settings where needed in order to provide optimization. The company gets a brand […]

  • Need to be More Productive? Take a Break.

    IT professionals are no strangers to long workdays. Particularly when deadlines are looming or systems are crashing, they often have to burn the midnight oil to troubleshoot and fix last minute problems. While such days can be stressful and even occasionally aggravating, they are hopefully few and far between. Right? Unfortunately, that statement is not […]

  • Learning from Big Mistakes

    Everyone is human – you will make mistakes. This fact shouldn’t come as a surprise even if you are used to excelling in your field. Surprising though, it is a fact that often surprises bosses about their workers. Sometimes, people can go a very long time without one, which can be beneficial to both them […]

  • A Touch of Humility Goes a Long Way In Your SAP Career

    There are few people in the working world who can say that they have not at least daydreamed once or twice about having an exit as dramatic as that of Jennifer Anniston’s character in Office Space. Whether it’s a boss who has been pushing too hard, the unreasonable demands of customers, or just constant high […]

  • Making Yourself Profitable

    Every employee costs a company something. That equation tends to vary depending on the industry and what position an employee holds, but generally, the cost is broken down in a few ways.   Salary is the first obvious cost. Every employee receives some kind of compensation, whether it’s an hourly wage or an annualized salary. […]

  • Keeping Up

    So, you’ve just finished your certification program/graduated from school with a degree in IT/completed a course of study on the latest technology trends. Congratulations! Now that your education is all finished, you might be wondering what you should do now. Other than finding a job, that is. Employment is critical, of course, but there are […]