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  • Examples Of Working With Other ABAP Data Types

    In this article we will look at some other data types which can be used in ABAP. In previous articles we have seen that numeric fields have been used for performing calculations along with examining character strings and seeing ways these can be used in calculations within ABAP statements too. Now, lets have a look […]

  • 8 Key Techniques To Master SAP Database Table Maintenance

    Working with Database Tables Making a Copy of a Table This article will look at ways in which one can change the transparent tables created earlier. It is important to know how to do this, and the implications of adding and taking away fields for the underlying data in a database table. Let’s take a […]

  • 6 Learning Tips For Coding SAP ABAP Calculations

    Arithmetic – Addition Now that the ability to create variables has been established, these can be used for calculations within a program. This article will begin by looking at some of the simple arithmetical calculations within ABAP. Our program will be tidied up by removing the two constants which were just created. If a program […]

  • How To Create Your First SAP ABAP Program

    To begin creating a program, access the ABAP Editor either via transaction code SE38, or by navigating the SAP menu tree to Tools → ABAP Workbench → Development, in which the ABAP Editor is found. Double-click to execute. A note to begin: it is advisable to keep the programs created as simple as possible. Do […]

  • SAP Data Dictionary

    Introduction This article will focus specifically on the Data Dictionary. This is the main tool used to look at, understand and enhance the Database and Database tables which are used by the SAP system. You can view standard tables delivered by SAP using this tool, create new tables and enhance the existing tables delivered by […]

  • First Look At The SAP ABAP Workbench

    Let’s take a first look at an SAP ABAP program. The following section will look at the SAP System and introduce the ABAP Workbench. But before doing so, let’s take a look at the structure of an ABAP program. Like many other programming languages, ABAP programs are normally structured into two parts. The first is […]