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2011 See’s SAP Introduce SAP HANA With A Focus On BW – Acquisitions And Welcomed BOBJ 4.0

SAP have another success year in 2011 by introducing new technology, release new software releases and build on what they have worked on over the last few years.

Take a look at a post at TechTarget where Todd Morrison summarise the year nicely. He covers all the major SAP 2011 news with further links to help you dig a little deeper.

SAP 2011 Year in Review


  • John Wookey makes a move and leaves SAP.
  • SAP debuts Solution Manager 7.1
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway opens up.
  • Business ByDesign starts to mature and gets more customer buy-in.
  • Judge rules in favour of SAP and throws out the $1.3 billion verdict against them.
  • SAP spends some cash with acquisitions.
  • SAP Mobile starts to make inroads.
  • The much-anticipated Business Objects 4.0 gets rolled out to customers delight.
  • SAP jets into the sky as their cloud strategy took shape.
  • SAP HANA and Business Warehouse take centre stage and become the most talked about technology of the year.

Roll on 2012


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