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  • Understand How To Check The SAP ABAP Work Process Activity

    Summary: This article introduces the SAP ABAP Work Processor monitoring tools. You will find out how to view the ABAP Work Processes using transaction code SM50 and SM51. If you are an ABAP programmer or SAP Consultant wanting to find out if your programs have stopped responding, why they haven’t completed or just how need to check if they are still running this article will give you a step by step breakdown of what to look for.

    How To Check The SAP ABAP Work Process Activity

    Over many years I have been working alongside ABAP developers and functional consultants. During this time I have been asked many times if a certain job is still running because it seems like it has been running for ever and the programmer or consultant need it to complete asap. So instead of repeating the process of checking for them I will show them how to check the issue for themselves. This is what I want to share with you too. A good start is to check the work processes activity in your SAP system.

    Checking the Work Processes

    First of all, you have you need to determine if your SAP system in a single server system or makes use of multiple application servers. In case of any doubt, simply start the transaction SM51.