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  • How To Create A Vendor Master In SAP

    Concept Of A Vendor Master

    The vendor master stores all the data pertaining to a particular vendor in SAP. This data is made available to other transactions and modules as and when required by SAP via the inter-module integration. The vendor master contains the following data sets:

    • GENERAL DATA: The general data consists of the vendor address, country, contact person, bank account, etc.
    • COMPANY CODE DATA: The company code data contains the data specific to a company code like the payment terms, payment methods, dunning procedures, tax details, etc.
    • PURCHASING ORGANIZATION DATA: The purchasing organization data contains information like the sales purchasing organization, partner functions, pricing, etc.

    The vendor master is extremely important for the materials management, logistics as well as the Financial Accounting module. The details of the vendor such as the payment terms, address, purchasing organization, purchasing group, payment methods, etc. are picked up from the vendor master and provided to the other modules as and when necessary.

    The total data for a vendor master is stored in multiple tables. The General data pertaining to a vendor is stored in the LFA1 table while the company code data is stored in the LFB1 table. The purchasing organization data for a vendor is stored in the LFM1 table. All these tables are accessed for information about the vendor by the FI and the MM module.

    Vendor Master Data Tables
    Vendor Master Data Tables