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  • Summer Love SAP Course Discounts


    I know a lot of you were on vacation in July and still may be now in August :), so I wanted to be sure you knew about this SUMMER LOVE offer! I know money’s tight this time of year, so I’ve reduced the already-low prices of 3 SAP courses, 2 of which EVERYONE needs. […]

  • Trading in Risk and Reward To Building a Career in SAP


    All too often, we hear advice geared towards either investors or employees, but rarely both. For employees, we commonly hear about how we should find a good, steady job with a stable company, preferably with benefits like health insurance and share options and pensions. For investors, we hear about how to diversify our portfolios, or […]

  • What Is SAP? – Becoming Familiar with SAP


    This series of articles provides a comprehensive look at the popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system known as SAP. It is suitable for individuals who are unfamiliar with SAP, or those who have some experience with it, and is particularly directed at consultants, developers, business analysts, and end users. In this article, we will explore […]

  • Never Stop Learning SAP at Udemy


    This month, Udemy launched Never Stop Learning to tell the stories of students who made life changes on account of taking Udemy courses. In full support of the campaign, I’m offering all my courses for 1 low price: $49 to encourage more folks to #NeverStopLearning. This means you get: 26% discount on the SAP Beginners Course 50% discount […]

  • Overview Of The SAP BW Reporting Tools Landscape


    The purpose of the overview of the SAP BW Reporting tools landscape is to look deep into the BEx Query Designer to help us understand how we create our reports and where they can be used. The SAP BW Reporting tools landscape consist of the following structure: InfoProvider, InfoCubes InfoObjetcs DSOs InfoSets Virtual InfoProviders MultiProviders […]

  • Earn to Learn – Want SAP Training But Prefer Not To Pay


    Want a Course but Can’t Afford to Pay?

    I get quite a few emails from people telling me due to various circumstances that buying my training courses is not possible. So with this in mind I tried think of a way you can get a course by earning access to it.

    If you can do something for me then I will do something for you. If you have any of the skills listed below and want access to a course of mine then send me a message through the contact form on this website