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  • Overview Of The SAP BW Reporting Tools Landscape


    The purpose of the overview of the SAP BW Reporting tools landscape is to look deep into the BEx Query Designer to help us understand how we create our reports and where they can be used. The SAP BW Reporting tools landscape consist of the following structure: InfoProvider, InfoCubes InfoObjetcs DSOs InfoSets Virtual InfoProviders MultiProviders […]

  • How To Create Exceptions In The SAP BW Query Designer

    [quote style=”boxed”]How do you highlight unusual deviations of key figure values in a SAP BW BEx Query? This question is often asked by concerned managers, marketing and sales people who want to spot these deviations as early as possible so they can act fast to changes in their business. One technique is by creating Exceptions in the SAP BW Query Designer.[/quote]Exceptions are used to identify deviations from pre-defined threshold values or intervals. Any data in your BW query that varies from these thresholds are marked with different colors in the query result. That way you can spot any extraordinary variations from expected results straightaway.

    Step By Step – Creation Of Exceptions

    Log in to query designer and choose the query for which you want to create the exception and click on the Exceptions button clip_image001 followed by New Exception.

    SAP BW Query Designer

    SAP BW - Query Designer

    SAP BW New Exception

    SAP BW - New Exception

    Press the Edit button in the properties area on the right of the window. The properties screen of the exception will then appear.