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  • Learning from Big Mistakes


    Everyone is human – you will make mistakes. This fact shouldn’t come as a surprise even if you are used to excelling in your field. Surprising though, it is a fact that often surprises bosses about their workers. Sometimes, people can go a very long time without one, which can be beneficial to both them […]

  • Earn to Learn – Want SAP Training But Prefer Not To Pay


    Want a Course but Can’t Afford to Pay?

    I get quite a few emails from people telling me due to various circumstances that buying my training courses is not possible. So with this in mind I tried think of a way you can get a course by earning access to it.

    If you can do something for me then I will do something for you. If you have any of the skills listed below and want access to a course of mine then send me a message through the contact form on this website

  • The Best 31 SAP ABAP Programming Training Videos

    Complete ABAP Course

    Complete ABAP Course

    Over the last year I have created a number of articles and videos with a goal of teaching anyone SAP ABAP programming.

    So I wanted to bring the video training onto one page to make it easy for you to start learning to Program in SAP.

    Normally SAP training is very expenses so I hope you get a lot out of this free training and if you want more, just let me know.

    One last thing… If you are a programmer and have stumbled on this article by chance and wonder what the heck is SAP, let me just say SAP systems are the most popular enterprise level business systems in the world and SAP programming is one of the most lucrative programming jobs you can get. SAP Programming skills are in high demand and command very healthy salaries.

    SAP lead the market when it comes to running enterprise business systems. Here are just some of the companies that run SAP software … Adobe, Coca-Cola, Barclays, Shell, the list goes on and on – take a look

    Here are the videos… Enjoy!

  • Learn How To Create An SAP General Ledger Account For COA & Company Code

    Concept Of General Ledger Accounts

    The SAP general ledger is similar to the general ledger used by accountants to record business transactions using the double entry accounting system. The general ledger accounts are used by the businesses to record all the day to day transactions. These transactions, recorded throughout a certain period are then used later on to create the financial statements like the balance sheet, profit and loss statement and the cash flow statement. This same data can also be used to create reports for internal reporting and auditing purposes. The same data can be provided to modules like business intelligence to carry out advance analysis.

    It is necessary to enter information about the general ledger account into ypur SAP system before you can used it to record business transactions. The master record of the general ledger account contains all the information which is needed by other modules to use that account. Some of this information is specific to a company code like the currency in which the account balances are maintained, whereas some of the information about the general ledger account is common across company codes like the description of a tax account.

    The general ledger master record has a total of six tabs to store the various blocks of information about the general ledger account. Three of the tabs contain information about the general ledger account which is specific to a company code while the other three tabs contain information about the general ledger account which will remain common across all company codes. On the basis of the information being entered for a general ledger account, it can be created in the following three ways:

    •  IN COMPANY CODE:The company code data includes three tabs i.e. control data, bank data and information. These three tabs include information about the G/L account which is specific to the particular company code in which the G/L account is being created like the tolerance group of the account.

    General Ledger Account Company Code Data

    • IN CHART OF ACCOUNTS:The chart of accounts data of the G/L account includes three tabs i.e. description, keyword and information as shown in figure 2 below. The Chart of Accounts data about the general ledger is common across company codes like the account number. This data can be entered once at the Chart of Account level and can be used by multiple company codes. This saves the user from entering the same data again and again. It also ensures greater consistency and reduces the possibility of errors due to manual data entry.
  • Want to Learn SAP ABAP? The full Video Course Is Ready – What Next?

    I'm Happy... I just learnt SAP ABAPEarlier this week I finally completed the full version of the ‘Beginners Guide To ABAP‘. I decided to give the course its own website so not to get muddled up with the mixed bad of SAP content here.

    Lots of people jumped on-board when I released it which I am super happy about. The course ended up taking me around 1 year to complete. This is way longer than I thought it would. Partly due  to work commitments, well actually a lot due to work commitments, but also down to underestimating just how much work is involved in producing a quality training product.

    Whilst making the videos and editing afterwards there was lots of content that was given the axe for all sorts of reason.

    1. Poor video.
    2. Poor Sound.
    3. What I recorded didn’t make sense!!
    4. I could go on and on.

    Goal #1 Achieved

    When I finally finished editing the last video I thought… finally the job is done. That feeling didn’t last long. Then came to realisation that I had another job – building a website to house the course.

    After a bit of domain name searching I came upon abapcourse.com. Then got my WordPress coding hat on and went to work. The website took me about 2 weeks to complete. It may sound a long time but I had to figure out the payment processing, membership system etc…

    Anyway, it’s done. Now I can relax a little and I hope the students who are taking the course really apply themselves and learn ABAP well. The course has taken a lot of work on my part and I have put my heart and soul into making it the most affordable and high quality course on SAP ABAP on the interwebs.

    I would love to know your thoughts and if you have any questions just let me know. Heck, hit me up on Skype if you want … pete_m1 (no spam please).

  • SAP Training Weekly Summary for 2012-06-23

    Nice list of iOS app review sites http://t.co/tWlcxIf2 # How To Change And Create SAP HR Infotype Screens http://t.co/C3EhW6rQ # Beginner Guide – SAP ABAP Training http://t.co/dDtPNe8K # 66,000,000: Number of Mac users … Who'd a thunk it! # 7,000,000,000: Number of push notifications sent daily 1,500,000,000,000: Number of push notifications sent to date # […]