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  • Aiming For My First ABAP Programming Job


    This is a guest article is by Plamen Velkov, a Linux Server Administrator from Bulgaria. Plamen connected with me through this website and told me how much he wants to move into the SAP arena specifically the ABAP programming side. Because of this he has recently signed up to my Beginners Guide To SAP ABAP programming course.

    It was great to listen to his enthusiasm to get started and he went on to tell me how he plans on using the training course as a stepping stone to landing a new job as a junior ABAP programming.

    To help keep Plamen on track to meet his goal we agreed that it would be a great idea for him to write about his journey and learning experiences here at saptraininghq.com and give his own views on the different modules of the ABAP Course.

    I am sure many others are in a similar situation to Plamen and I urge you to leave your own comments at the end of his first article and follow along with him on this journey.

    Take it away Plamen…

    SAP System Overview – First look at the SAP System

    Many people who hear about SAP Systems think of something very complex, expensive and difficult to work with. I also did in the beginning but later I realized that when you get used to the system and its features it isn’t as hard as I first thought.

    For the average user, SAP could seem a bit strange at first. It’s not like an ordinary application – the interface, the work logic – if you have no experience of using the system, you would definitely be puzzled in the beginning.