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  • The New SAP Financial Accounting Overview Course


    My new SAP Financial Accounting course is a ‘must have’ for everyone involved with SAP Financial Accounting. If you are new to SAP, a consultant or developer you need to understand how the SAP Finance System works. This course will teach you exactly that. Once you get started you will: Understand How Sap Financial Accounting Works. Master […]

  • Just Released – The New SAP ABAP Objects Course


    Use coupon code objsite for the new discount price of $127   Have you ordered the new course? Just released! I have created the new ABAP Objects course and it is available to you for an early bird half-price discount for a limited time. This is your opportunity to learn ABAP Objects for the best discount available anywhere.. Watch […]

  • 3-in-1 SAP Training Bundle


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  • SAP ABAP – Program Flow Control and Logical Expressions


    As said in the course, logical expressions are the principal statements used to build up your program logic and algorithms. ABAP offers all the classical loop statements and logical expressions, so you won’t miss anything for sure. I personally missed the for loop from Java and C/C++, but then realized there are other ways to […]

  • Using ABAP to modify data in a database table


    As I’ve mentioned in the previous review SAP offers you some great tools to help you maintain your database tables. However, to make things better, they’ve added SQL support (Open and Native-SQL). So, If you’ve had some experience with SQL (I’ll take MySQL as an example in this review) you’ll hardly have any problems with […]

  • Working With SAP Database Tables And Other Data Types


    Database Tables

    Database tables are the main structures you will work with in SAP. As such, the system offers you all the tools you may need when you build your table. As I said in one of the previous reviews the interface is very understandable, but when it comes to modifying a table, there are some procedures you should do. However, the eight module in the course perfectly explains the steps you have to perform when you modify your table.

    It’s really good there are detailed explanations of the particularities when working with key fields – adding, modifying, and deleting such ones. It’s an important thing because when we edit a key filed we could end up with our table messed out. That’s why there are interpretations of the main scenarios and results of performing one of the mentioned operations.

    I personally liked the foreign key management abilities of the SAP system. Not that I’m so experienced in database modelling, but in comparison to some other software that I’ve worked with, SAP really takes one of the first places.