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  • Living in the Moment – Your Ambition Right Now


    It’s important to be ambitious. As a society, we are driven – in our jobs, we are constantly seeking new opportunities, new ways to increase our earning potential, and more challenging careers. Without this drive and ambition, we would stagnate. Economies would stop growing, wealth would dwindle, and we would lose our sense of purpose. […]

  • Respecting Authority


    Anyone who works has a boss. You might consider yourself “your own boss.” But, chances are, you know your customers are your real bosses. Or, you may actually have a manager in your company who is responsible for being your boss. Generally, even if you work for yourself, you are always working for someone else. […]

  • Everyday Victories For SAP Professionals


    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. With this quote, Aristotle describes something that many workers tend to forget. While natural talent accounts for some amount of success, “excellence” more often comes from hard work and discipline. When discussing success, we often think of long-term goals and […]

  • Become a King or Queen of Efficiency


    Time Management – Productivity However you want to refer to it, if you work for someone else, you are expected to complete a certain amount of work in a certain amount of time. If you work for yourself, you know that you must spend your time being productive in order to get paid. Particularly in […]

  • Hone You SAP Skills By Studying What Others Have Done


    The advantage of being an SAP professional today is that there are plentiful resources out there to help you learn your trade. Books and classes abound, claiming to be able to give you all of the skills you need to become a great ABAP programmer, consultant, systems administrator, and more. Professors who were around back […]

  • Make Big, Honking Mistakes in SAP


    Think about a hobby you have. Any hobby. Do you play a musical instrument? Have you ever played sports? Are you a closet writer? A knitter? Now, think about how you first started out on that hobby. The first notes you ever played on your instrument: how did they sound? What happened the first time […]

  • Share Your SAP Knowledge – Paying it Forward


    Are you able to articulate what you do to someone else so that they can understand it? Think about one task that’s part of your job that you perform on a daily basis. Now, think about this: How would you explain it to a person you are teaching to do that exact same task? What […]