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  • Expand Your Horizons


    We need to talk about something that, let’s face it, many IT professionals are a bit uncomfortable with. While there are those of you out there who are social chameleons, able to adapt to any situation you find yourself in and thrive, there are still those of us who struggle with no small amount of […]

  • Over-Doing It – Don’t Be A SAP YES Man


    Anyone who is in any aspect of business, whether it’s operations, IT, finance, or any other field, knows that hard work is highly valued. We obtain bragging rights for the number of hours we have worked this week, not the amount of time we saved ourselves by finding a more efficient method of performing a […]

  • How to NOT Crash and Burn Your SAP Career


    Chances are, there are times in your life where you have become frantic and felt out of control. These feelings can arise in a variety of circumstances: a missed deadline at work, in the midst of a traumatic accident, or during any number of high-stress situations. Sometimes, the situation is actually dire, warranting your intense […]

  • The Opportunity in SAP Maintenance


    Setting up a new SAP system is often a fresh and exciting experience. Utilizing the ASAP methodology, consultants and their companies can get up and running smoothly and efficiently, mapping each company’s processes to corresponding functions in SAP and tweaking and customizing settings where needed in order to provide optimization. The company gets a brand […]

  • Need to be More Productive? Take a Break.


    IT professionals are no strangers to long workdays. Particularly when deadlines are looming or systems are crashing, they often have to burn the midnight oil to troubleshoot and fix last minute problems. While such days can be stressful and even occasionally aggravating, they are hopefully few and far between. Right? Unfortunately, that statement is not […]

  • A Touch of Humility Goes a Long Way In Your SAP Career


    There are few people in the working world who can say that they have not at least daydreamed once or twice about having an exit as dramatic as that of Jennifer Anniston’s character in Office Space. Whether it’s a boss who has been pushing too hard, the unreasonable demands of customers, or just constant high […]

  • Re-Invigorating Your Work Life – Manufacturing Your Own Excitement


    Think about your first few days or weeks at a new job. You’re surrounded by challenges at virtually every turn: there are new internal systems to learn, new people to interact with, and new tasks to conquer. Everything seems like a novelty, and the work is initially enjoyable. Then, time starts passing. You find yourself […]