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  • What Is The Purpose Of An Internal Table In ABAP


    Today I am going to answer the question of What Is The Purpose Of An Internal Table. In the ABAP Beginners course I do go through internal tables and show you how to create them and different types of internal tables we can create, but to answer this question of “What is the purpose of […]

  • Is ABAP Near The End Of Its Life?


    I receive quite a few emails from students asking for advice on what area of SAP is the most lucrative, what is the best module of SAP to learn and so on. They are all good questions and I always give my point of view. Today I received an email from a student, let’s call […]

  • Just Released – The New SAP ABAP Objects Course


    Use coupon code objsite for the new discount price of $127   Have you ordered the new course? Just released! I have created the new ABAP Objects course and it is available to you for an early bird half-price discount for a limited time. This is your opportunity to learn ABAP Objects for the best discount available anywhere.. Watch […]

  • ABAP Quick Tip – ABAPDOCU Is A Little SAP ABAP Life Saver


    Have you ever come across the SAP ABAP Training transaction ABAPDOCU? If not, you’ve got to check it out. It’s a great tool to use when you need a quick refresh of ABAP syntax or need to look a little more in-depth on how certain code constructs work. Just use the navigation menu within the […]

  • Building User Selection Screens With ABAP

    User Selection Screens in ABAP This part of the course was maybe the most interesting for me. It was really important to understand the syntax and the coding part but seeing in practice what you have written is really great. The beautiful thing about ABAP selection screens is their simplicity. As a Java programmer (not […]

  • Never Stop Learning SAP at Udemy


    This month, Udemy launched Never Stop Learning to tell the stories of students who made life changes on account of taking Udemy courses. In full support of the campaign, I’m offering all my courses for 1 low price: $49 to encourage more folks to #NeverStopLearning. This means you get: 26% discount on the SAP Beginners Course 50% discount […]