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  • Do You Have An SAP Mentor?

    Who you socialize with at work and what you do with your lunchtime and breaks is often a good indicator of where your career is headed and your upward trajectory. For example: do you spend a lot of time at the metaphorical water cooler, chatting with people? What do you talk about? Gossip about fellow […]

  • Be A Profitable Employee

    How much money do you make for your company each year? How much do you cost your company each year? Unless you’re in sales or marketing, there’s a good chance you don’t know the answers to those questions. You may not even realize that you make your company any money, or think that you cost […]

  • How To Find Your First SAP Job

    Finding your first job in SAP can be quite difficult because there is so much competition out there that you really have to put in the work to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. I received an email the other day from somebody looking to get their first job as an ABAP […]

  • How To Build Dynamic Selections And Filters In SAP BW BEx Queries

    In this article, we will dig deeper and start having a look at Dynamic Filters. These allow us to present various options to the users to dynamically create selections using a whole range of variable types and variable processing types built into SAP BW. The following will be covered: OLAP, Text, Hierarchy, Hierarchy Node, Formula, […]

  • Examples Of Working With Other ABAP Data Types

    In this article we will look at some other data types which can be used in ABAP. In previous articles we have seen that numeric fields have been used for performing calculations along with examining character strings and seeing ways these can be used in calculations within ABAP statements too. Now, lets have a look […]