Looking For SAP Project Management Training?

I have been talking with some SAP colleagues who specialize in SAP Project Management and I twisted their arm to produce a video presentation for everyone who visits SapTrainingHQ.com.

The video presentation below gives a fantastic insight into how Peter and Rasmus are leading the way with SAP Project Management methodologies. Peter goes through topics such as:

  • What it takes to be a successful SAP Project manager in today’s market place. He covers the 4 quadrants of constraint that today’s SAP project managers face.
    • Budget
    • Deliver Value
    • Deliver on Time
    • Project Scope
  • How and When to accelerate an SAP Project. Peter goes through the Project Life-Cycle and identifies when and where you can accelerate your project and reduce the effort in specific areas such as testing.
  • SAP HANA – SAP are pushing SAP HANA really hard in the market place. Peter debunks some of SAP’s claims and explains what SAP HANA is, how it can help businesses and most importantly, what the benefits are and what effort and cost is involved in it’s implementation.
If you like what Peter has to say and would like to find out more I highly recommend joining his Private SAP Project Management community

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  1. I am having trouble with my IT department getting SAP Project. They just installed EHP 6 but I am unable to use transactions WPS1 , WPS2, and MEBOR. I need some one to tell me if our system will support Project and how to make it happen.