Learn SAP Process Integration (PI) With This New Course From Arman Eker

Following on from my article yesterday, it was great to get lots of messages of thanks about the free course and find out what people wanted to learn in 2014.

The top 3 topics were:

  • SAP PI
  • SAP BW

If you didn’t get time tell me what you wanted to learn this year, take this opportunity to post a comment below. Just give me a one-liner saying something like SAP HANA, or more ABAP.

Because so many people replied I got to work straight away to see if I could arrange additional SAP course access based on some of the topics you were interested in.

The first course I have secured is all around SAP Process Integration (PI) by Arman Eker.

SAP Process Integration Course (SAP PI)

SAP Process Integration Course (SAP PI)

Arman Eker is a very experienced PI consultant and he has put together a fantastic course that I am taking myself.

Take a look at the course here.

It starts out with explaining what PI is and how it can be used and then shows us step-by-step through hands-on exercises how to get access to our very own PI system that we can use to learn how PI works.

You will get to try out lots of techniques like:

  • File to file integration
  • Integration using a Java application
  • Web service to Web service integration
  • and more..

This is great – In keeping with the spirit of offering excellent training and excellent values, Arman has agreed that You can get access to the course with a discount on the already low price.

This is a special link to apply a discount.

Stay tuned for some more great partnership offers and FREE courses coming up real soon.

Don’t forget to add that one-liner comment below.


About the Author:

Pete has been working with SAP technologies for over 10 years. He started out as an ABAP consultant and then moved on to BW where he has worked many different clients covering a wide variety of industries. "I love introducing SAP technology (especially BI) to new clients and showing them how they can go from zero to hero within their business in super fast time". Contact me on twitter @PeterMoxon