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Enhance Our First BEx Query

This article is about how to enhance your first SAP BEx query by adding more data fields resulting in more meaningful data.

Adding more fields to your query

One way to enhance and improve your query is to include as many data objects as you wish from the InfoProviders section in the BEx Query Designer. As you already know, in the BEx Query Designer you can drag and drop the data fields from the InfoProvider section. It lets you choose objects from the structure, key figure and dimensions folders. You can include key figures in column section, or include characteristics selected from dimensions to the rows section. Similarly you can also include characteristics in the Free Characteristics section or anywhere in the Query Designer you want.

Characteristics and Key Figures

The dimensions folder, which includes the characteristics, is selected more frequently than the other two folders. The Standard Key Figures include numeric data objects to include such as number of employees, number of full time workers, ages of employees etc. The Calculated Key Figures include fields that are made up of formulas on standard key figures, such as performing calculation on Standard Key Figures.

Status Messages and Properties

As you include more data fields in different section of the Query Designer you will notice the changes in the Properties section that displays the different details of the object that you add to the Query Designer. At the very bottom of the Query Designer the Messages section checks the objects after every update and tells you of any errors if your object contains. If no errors exist then it shows a OK message.

Query Enhance


Understanding the query representation in the BEx Analyzer

Once you run your query in the BEx Analyzer after adding enough key figures, and characteristics you must understand how your query is represented and what it means in the BEx Analyzer.

BEx Analyzer Query Table

Now lets go through some important elements of your queries that are used in the BEx Analyzer . The Filter option in the BEx Analyzer shows the characteristics and the key figures that you added to your query. Through the Filter button in the BEx Analyzer the user can customize the view of the query that is running in the Analyzer. You can filter out different organizational units and can replace the characteristics one with another. For Example If you want to replace the Gender column with the Employee Subgroup, you can right click on the Gender Column and select Exchange Gender With option, followed by selecting the Employer Subgroup field.

BEx Analyzer Query Filter

You can remove the data fields that you do not want to be presented in your query table too, by right clicking on the Filter menu and the Select Value Display dialog box appears, then click on the field that you want to remove from the table.

BEX Analyzer Filter Display

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