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Creating Our First SAP BW BEx Query

SAPBWBExAnalyzerCourseSaleDiscount If you have not created a query in the SAP BEx Query Designer before, then this article is for you; here you will learn step by step how to create your first query in your BW system that you can run in the BEx Analyzer.

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How to create a query?

To create a new query, click on the create New Query button from either the Query menu or from the toolbar buttons. A dialog box will then appear where you have to select an InfoProvider to base your query on. The InfoAreas button will display the InfoProvider hierarchy for navigating and finding out the information that your BW system contains. The InfoAreas contains different types of infoProviders such as InfoCubes, DSOs etc. Select the one that you want. In this example I will choose the Headcount and Personnel Actions (0PA_C01) infocube.

Tip: Turn on the Technical Names setting to help differentiate between InfoProviders that have the same description.

New Query Dialog Box

InfoProvider inside the Query Designer

Once the query designer loads the InfoProvider structure into the BEx query designer  as shown below, you will see it contains three folders. These are structures, key figures and the dimensions folders. The dimension folder is the name that is given to high level folders in the InfoProvider. It contains the characteristics of an InfoProvider. The contents of the Dimensions and key figures structures are what we use to build our reports.

New Query InfoProvider Laoded


To add a characteristic to your report drag the characteristic from the InfoProvider and drop it to the rows/columns section. The preview section shows you how the query will look in the BEx Analyzer once it is saved and the properties section shows the description and the technical name of the characteristic.

New Query Rows Columns

Saving the Query

To save the query click on the Save As button on the toolbar in the Query Designer application. As you are about to save your first query a Save Query As  dialog box appears and requires you to fill in the Description and the Technical Name fields to save the query.

Tip: You can use spaces in the query description field but not in the query technical name field.

When you hit the save button your report will be saved.

Running the saved query in the BEx Analyzer

You can run the query that you saved in the BEx Query Designer to see what it looks like in the BEx Analyzer. Just click the execute button.

New Query Running in BEx Analyzer

Making changes to your query

Once you have run your query for the first time you will most likely want to edit the design to add more fields or adjust some specific field and query properties.

You have the option of using the BEx Query Designer application again, alternatively call the query designer from the BEx Analyzer toolbar.

New Query Edit in BEx Analyzer

Once you click the edit query option, it opens up the Query Designer and automatically loads to query that you had open in the BEx Analyzer. One draw back of using this way of editing you queries is you can not switch to Analyzer unless you close the Query Designer first. A bit of a pain!

New Query Edit in BEx Analyzer

About the Author:

Pete has been working with SAP technologies for over 10 years. He started out as an ABAP consultant and then moved on to BW where he has worked many different clients covering a wide variety of industries. "I love introducing SAP technology (especially BI) to new clients and showing them how they can go from zero to hero within their business in super fast time". Contact me on twitter @PeterMoxon

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