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  • How To Keep Your SAP Career Options Open

    The civilized world is very comfortable with the manufacturing process. It has been in place for hundreds of years, first in a small setting involving skilled craftspeople and apprentices. Typically in that time, an craftsman would take a project from start to finish with the help of a few skilled assistants. With the industrial revolution […]

  • 5 Tips For Freshers To Get and Keep Your SAP Career

    So, you’ve just finished your SAP certification program/graduated from school with a degree in IT/completed a course of study on the latest SAP skills. Congratulations! Now that your education is all finished, you might be wondering what you should do now. Other than finding a job, that is. Employment is critical, of course, but there […]

  • The Importance of Diversification In Your SAP Career

    Some  Diversification Is A Necessity When selecting an area to focus on in SAP and information technology in general, there are a number of factors a professional can consider. What kinds of jobs are available? What trends are just emerging? Are there any legacy systems to become familiar with and help transition to new technology? Plotting […]

  • Choose An SAP Career Where You Can Grow

    Many people find comfort in being a big fish in a small pond. They surround themselves with individuals who they feel are less extraordinary than they are, or less talented, and enjoy standing out as the “best” in a particular crowd of people. Some even engage in this behavior when it comes to their careers. […]

  • Know More Than SAP – Your SAP Career Depends On It

    You’ve made the decision to invest in your SAP education. You’ve started the courses, you have a career path in an information technology department or consultation capacity mapped out, and you feel confident enough in your technology skills that you can achieve some success. Excellent. Now, what do you know about business? Some readers will […]

  • When Choosing An IT Career – Fill A Need – Consider SAP

    Filling a Need The supply and demand cycle is an interesting one to consider. Many people think they have a handle on it: individuals demand a product. A business supplies that product. If more businesses go on to supply that product, prices come down until, eventually, they reach equilibrium between supply, demand, and the price […]