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  • 8 Key Techniques To Master SAP Database Table Maintenance

    Working with Database Tables Making a Copy of a Table This article will look at ways in which one can change the transparent tables created earlier. It is important to know how to do this, and the implications of adding and taking away fields for the underlying data in a database table. Let’s take a […]

  • SAP Skills – The Forest Versus the Trees

    Not everyone wants to start their own business, and who can blame them? It can be a pain more often than not – long hours, hiring and managing employees, managing a budget and expenses, dealing with vendors and customers. For many, working for someone else saves them from having to focus on areas that don’t […]

  • Learn The SAP BW BEX Analyser

    Introduction When I was first putting this book together, I was wondering what the best sequence would be to teach you about BW reporting. I say that because there are two elements involved: creating queries and running these queries in order to analyse your data. First of all, this article will introduce the BEX Analyser […]

  • Why Should You Be A Specialist In SAP

    Can you explain how your car works? For many people, the explanation would be something like this: “I open the door, sit down in the driver’s seat, and I turn the key in the ignition. The engine starts up. I put my foot on the brake pedal, then I put the car in drive. I […]

  • How To Keep Your SAP Career Options Open

    The civilized world is very comfortable with the manufacturing process. It has been in place for hundreds of years, first in a small setting involving skilled craftspeople and apprentices. Typically in that time, an craftsman would take a project from start to finish with the help of a few skilled assistants. With the industrial revolution […]

  • 10 Must Know SAP ABAP Character String Coding Techniques

    Declaring C and N Fields This article will discuss character strings. When creating programs, fields defined as char­acter strings are almost always used. In SAP, there are two elementary data types used for character strings. These are data type C, and data type N. Data type C. Data type C variables are used for holding […]

  • 6 Learning Tips For Coding SAP ABAP Calculations

    Arithmetic – Addition Now that the ability to create variables has been established, these can be used for calculations within a program. This article will begin by looking at some of the simple arithmetical calculations within ABAP. Our program will be tidied up by removing the two constants which were just created. If a program […]